Welcome Gabriela and Kale

It has been a great week at Jenny Dawn Cellars as on Wednesday we on-boarded two new team members, Gabriela Martinez and Kale Baire. They will both be Tasting Room Leads at our Union Station winery.

This week was spent learning about each new hire, going over our plans for the winery, and growing as a team! Both Gabriela and Kale are excited to be a part of the opening of Wichita’s first urban winery, and can not wait to have our doors at Union Station in October.

A large part of planning any future is creating a vision board, which is how we closed out both Gabriela and Kale’s first day on the team. Below are their vision boards, and what they mean to each person, along with a short bio about the two of them.

Gabriela is joining our team after having formerly lived in Dodge City, Kansas. When not at Jenny Dawn Cellars, she can be found outside taking pictures , enjoying the scenery. She can be reached at gabriela@jennydawncellars.com.

Gabriela’s vision board shows a myriad of different pictures all representing the uniqueness of the wine experience she hopes to bring to Jenny Dawn Cellars. In the coming months she hopes to help make the winery one of the top wineries as it ascends the market as the #1 winery in Kansas. This will be possible by drawing inspiration from one of her favorite artist Yayoi Kusama and by taking more “left turns,” which to her means embarking a more difficult journey in the hope that the reward will be more fulfilling. Gabriela’s board is tied together by the center-piece a bottle of wine with her nickname “Gaby.” She hopes to be able to develop her talents in the wine industry and create lifelong memories along the way.

Kale is joining our team after spending two years at a nonprofit in El Dorado, Kansas. When not at Jenny Dawn Cellars, he can be found with his wife and cat while watching netflix, enjoying a nice glass of chardonnay. He can be reached at kale@jennydawncellars.com.

Kale has broken his board up into three segments; 1 year, 5 years, and 10 years into the future. He plans to spend his first year at Jenny Dawn Cellars helping build a fun experience for all who try our wines, but also has a double meaning with the wine pour. Kale describes that double meaning as “hoping to be able to be poured into wherever I am needed.” In five years, Kale hopes to have our urban winery be the premier place in the area to hang out and enjoy fine wine, and wants to be a pillar of the company, viewed as someone who will always uphold our values as a company. Finally, Kale hopes that people from all over the globe consider our wines to be simply “iconic,” and hopes to help plan a secondary location that includes a full vineyard and tasting room.

The future looks bright for Jenny Dawn Cellars as we prepare for our winery to open to the public in October. Cheers!


We’ve bottled the art of timing.

From California to Kansas. In 2017, we started our brand by crafting wines from the finest growers in California. In 2019 and beyond, we are sourcing and growing our grapes locally in Kansas to make our wines at an urban winery.

From a rural vineyard to an urban winery. We are bringing the winemaking experience from a rural setting into the urban core of downtown Wichita. Jenny Dawn Cellars at Union Station is a place where your moments are minutes away. It is your reprieve from the business of busy-ness, and your time to bloom.

Jenny Dawn Cellars is inspired by the significance of rail transportation that Union Station provided to the Wichita community. The terminal building had its magnificent grand opening in 1914 and the elegance of the art nouveau architecture is timeless. Over a hundred years of moments were created within this space. We invite you to our winery at Union Station to be a part of future moments with us.

Jenny Dawn Cellars – Let your moment begin

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