Red, White and Wine: Celebration and Recognition of our Wine Retailers

The Independence Day holiday is here and our month has kicked off with a bang. We spent time last weekend pouring our wines at Jacob Liquor Exchange on North Rock Rd and are happy to say our Rose’ and Pinot Noir are now available for purchase, making this location the 9th liquor store to come on board with us!

As a local start up business and the first of its kind in Wichita, the community and business support is our life blood. We know that behind ours and every local business there is a family and a story. Our own story is dynamic and ever-changing. The coming months ahead are full of transition and emotion as we gear up to introduce new wines, unveil our gorgeous urban winery location, and power full steam ahead into new territories. Our gratitude overflows for the local liquor stores that are supporting us in this phase of business, and July is a great time for us to introduce them to you on a more personal level.

R&J Discount Liquor

R&J is located just west of Hillside on Douglas Ave and was the first store to carry Jenny Dawn Cellars wine! Currently they have our unoaked 2016 Chardonnay and 2017 Rose’. If you haven’t been by lately, this once cozy store is now a newly remodeled, spacious sight with some of the best parking and curbside appeal in town. I recently spent some time chatting with Matt, who manages the store. I love that he was sure to understand our brand and what our wines have to offer, as well as providing great insight from the vantage point of a retailer. R&J’s website also has a nice feature called “Wine 101” that gives you a crash course in all things wine and wine lingo. This is a great tool if you want to better understand wine and how to develop your palate. Check them out on Facebook @R&J Discount Liquor.

Cambridge Liquor

Nestled inside Cambridge Market on 21st and Webb Rd, Cambridge Liquor was also one of the first stores to bring us in, and they did it in strong fashion by stocking all four 2017 varietals. When I stopped by, Jake was up to his chin (literally) in inventory gearing up for the holiday week ahead. The July 4th holiday is a huge week for these retailers, and Cambridge offers a truly unique option for its customers: curbside pay & pick up. Just go online to to place your order, then give them a call when you’re outside and they will load your order in the car and complete your transaction on the spot! Talk about service. Keep up with Jake and the crew at Cambridge by following them on Facebook @Cambridge Liquor or Instagram @cambridgeliquorict.

Burgardt’s Liquor Store

Burgardt’s is a gem. Barely east of Hillside at 3027 E Pawnee Street, stands the longest continually operating liquor store in the state of Kansas and is the oldest family-run liquor store (3rd generation!) in Kansas as well. A tiny store that began right as prohibition was lifted in Kansas, the whole place was once barely the size of their current walk-in cooler. Reminders of each expansion since then are visible, paying homage to the store’s past lives: decades ago, the wall behind the counter was the outer wall of the store, as you walk toward the newest addition - an impressively stocked cooler that wraps the entire perimeter of new space - the floor changes underfoot and you step from one decade to a new. I think it’s a nostalgic touch that is often lost in stories like Burgardt’s story. Our well-balanced 2017 Pinot Noir and award winning 2017 Chardonnay are on display and ready for purchase in their roomy wine section overseen by their wine director, Alex. I loved the conversation he and I had, and his commitment to Burgardt’s wine selection is so apparent. Alex has a clear sense of ownership and drive for knowledge, and has done an impressive job curating a diverse selection. I’d love for you to visit him and the rest of the friendly faces, and receive 10% off your purchase of 3 bottles of wine. They have a super fun Instagram @burgardtliquor and will keep you up-to-date on Facebook @Burgardt Retail Liquor.

Davis Liquor Outlet

Chances are high you’ve shopped a Davis Liquor Outlet location in town, especially if you live near midtown. Each one is individually operated, and we are happy to be a part of two different locations! All four 2017 varietals of Jenny Dawn Cellars grace the shelves at Davis, and we want to give big thanks to Blake at the 13th & Waco store near North High for his enthusiasm in supporting us. His wine inventory offers unique bottles not easily found elsewhere and the prices at both of these locations are killer. William manages the second location near 21st & Amidon. What I appreciate most about William is his perfect mix of friendly and down-to-business attitude. We had a great conversation that was collaborative and full of insight. Both of these stores are happy to be a part of Jenny Dawn Cellars long game, and it shows. Please check out their website for online coupons to save even more cash on their already competitive prices and show them love on Facebook @Davis Liquor Outlets.

Auburn Wine and Spirits

Talk about selection! Auburn Wine and Spirits is home to over 2,000 different wines. Three of which are Jenny Dawn’s fruit forward 2016 Pinot Noir and 2017 White Wine and Rose’. Auburn equally divides their inventory between wine, beer, and spirits. This unique approach has allowed them to carry hard to find options and provides an excellent atmosphere that we feel our wines easily hold court in. Matt is the wine buyer for both the east location on Rock Rd and the west location near 119th & Maple. Matt works alongside Dawn Verboom (shown it photo). Their website offers great food and wine pairing tips, making it easy to learn and select the perfect bottle for your meal. Follow them on Facebook @Auburn Wine and Spirits, or Instagram @auburnwineandspirits.

Brewski Barn & Wine Cellar – El Dorado

Brewski Barn and Wine Cellar was the first liquor store outside of Wichita to bring us in to the fold! And the coolest part, their wine selection is housed in an area that truly looks like a wine cellar. Talk about atmosphere! They carry our unoaked 2016 Chardonnay and fruit-forward 2016 Pinot Noir as well as the highly popular 2017 Rose’ and crisp White Wine. I was on maternity leave when Jennifer did a tasting with the team at Brewski Barn & Wine Cellar, but I have it on my calendar to meet with Nikki this month and I’m really looking forward to it. They offer party planning tips online to help you navigate the right quantities to purchase, and educate new wine drinkers with a “Wine IQ” section. If you’re in the El Dorado area, go by and grab a bottle of our wine! Follow them on Facebook @Brewski Barn & Wine Cellar.

DJ Liquor – Hutchinson

DJ’s is one of our newest additions and second store location expanding our reach outside of the Wichita area! Hutchinson has shown us so much positivity and love recently, and it’s truly been a blessing to us. Entrepreneurship has its peaks and valleys, so having wonderful peaks really makes the journey through valleys worthwhile. DJ Liquor overflows with community pride and support. Gabe and the team are willing to go the extra mile for their customers, and that is what keeps them coming back. They stay connected with the public through a monthly newsletter that offers a rotating list of special deals. Jennifer and I hope to personally be at DJ this month for a wine tasting, so stay tuned for the details! And as always, if this is your neck of the woods please come in and say hi to us or stop by anytime for purchase of our complex 2017 Pinot Noir, cool 2017 Rose’ and bright citrus 2017 White Wine. Keep up with the latest news on Facebook by following @DJ Liquor.

Demo Sales

I could not wrap up this post without giving a standing ovation to our distributor, Demo Sales and our Wine Representative, Kristina Haahr. Kristina is sharp. She is a Certified Wine Specialist, geographer, and historian. Her love of travel and passion for learning combine to form a fierce, multi-faceted wealth of wine (and world) knowledge. We are so thankful to have her working hard for us, and thankful that Demo Sales said yes to the purchase of Jenny Dawn Cellars wine, fueling the fire of expansion for our company.

Demo Sales is a fifth generation business that shares so many core values with us: Integrity, teamwork, commitment, service, and communication. This is a company whose goal is to take care of their people and in turn, take great care of their customers. Ahead of our blog post this week, Kristina and Demo sent over a sweet note stating: “We are proud to partner with Jenny Dawn Cellars as they open Wichita’s premier urban winery and expand their reach to customers through retailers and restaurants across the state of Kansas.”

Every place has a story and every story has a home. Jennifer and I love that you are a part of ours, and we hope that we have shown a light on some genuinely wonderful, hardworking businesses. Together, we are better. Have a safe and celebratory holiday tomorrow.

Cheers to collaboration in life, friendship, and business!


We’ve bottled the art of timing.

From California to Kansas. In 2017, we started our brand by crafting wines from the finest growers in California. In 2019 and beyond, we are sourcing and growing our grapes locally in Kansas to make our wines at an urban winery.

From a rural vineyard to an urban winery. We are bringing the winemaking experience from a rural setting into the urban core of downtown Wichita. Jenny Dawn Cellars at Union Station is a place where your moments are minutes away. It is your reprieve from the business of busy-ness, and your time to bloom.

Jenny Dawn Cellars is inspired by the significance of rail transportation that Union Station provided to the Wichita community. The terminal building had its magnificent grand opening in 1914 and the elegance of the art nouveau architecture is timeless. Over a hundred years of moments were created within this space. We invite you to our winery at Union Station to be a part of future moments with us.

Jenny Dawn Cellars – Let your moment begin

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