5 Inspiring Lady Bosses in Wichita

5 Inspiring Lady Bosses in Wichita

It’s an exciting time for entrepreneurs in Wichita, Kansas right now! New buildings are shooting up, new groups and organizations are forming that are friendly to the entrepreneurial mindset, and the streets just received a major overhaul to make way for tens of thousands of visitors to our beautiful city in the advent of the NCAA Tournament.

There truly is so much to be excited about!

One thing remains true throughout all of this change -- change can’t be made anywhere without inspiring people who are willing to push the barriers away and innovate in a space that may or may not be open to change. We depend on such souls to launch new ideas, to ask the right questions, and to ride the ever-building momentum that comes alongside being a true leader.

As March is Women’s History Month, we at Jenny Dawn Cellars would like to highlight five highly-driven lady bosses who inspire us everyday. Hopefully you already know them… but if you don’t, you definitely should after you read this piece! These ladies are passionate business owners who are also highly-active in our community and share a true love for Wichita, just as we do. These ladies include Marquetta Atkins, Abby Hanaford, Christina Long, Pattie Durham and Trish Brasted.

Marquetta Atkins, Creator at Camp Destination Innovation -- Marquetta is highly-active in the Wichita community. She is the Creator of Camp Destination Innovation, the Founder of WeKan, and the Manager of Education Youth Programs at Junior League. Just this month she led the Inaugural EmpowerHer Conference, where dozens of Wichita lady leaders gathered to empower and inspire each other. In fact, our own Jennifer McDonald sat on a panel! “Marquetta is an inspiration of mine for empowering, connecting and supporting women,” says McDonald. “She came out to my very first Wineucation session in June of 2016. Only 6 people came out to support. I’ll always be grateful to her for doing so.” She is still a huge supporter of Jenny Dawn Cellars today, and for that we are truly appreciative. Marquetta is a wonderful example of how women can lead and empower each other in any environment. If you see her out and about, be sure to introduce yourself!

Abby Hannaford, Owner of Cozy Leaf Tea --

If you haven’t already tried Cozy Leaf Tea, you need to drop everything (after your read this piece) and go get some! (You can find this delicious and soothing tea in many local spots all over Wichita, and even in Whole Foods!) Abby Hannaford, Owner of Cozy Leaf Tea, created her tea originally to be a medicinal solution for her own throat back in her college days as a theatre major. She rode this passion to create her own teas because she didn’t find the taste of other teas to be suitable. Abby spent much of her college career studying herbs natural medicine and teas in order to gather as much knowledge as possible to create helpful teas. After all of the studying and time spent learning about how to make tasty and soothing recipes, Abby now owns a successful tea business of her own with a whole collection of teas that are designed to be soothing and productive to the mind and body. She’s a wonderful example of what can happen when you devote yourself to following your passion.

Abby and Jennifer were a part of the Inaugural LaunchPrep cohort! Jennifer loves Abby’s teas which promote health and wellness. Abby is also one of the most humble, hard-working, authentic and funny women we know. She’s truly an inspiration!

Christina Long, Owner of CML Collective --

If you’ve ever attended Wichita’s StartUp Grind, you’ve certainly come across the lovely Christina Long! Christina has interviewed more inspirational entrepreneurs from the Wichita area than we can count at this motivating monthly community event, and she never fails to have the best questions handy. Along with having the immense privilege of interviewing influential people once a month, Christina also owns her own graphic design, communications and business development firm called CML Collective. Christina has owned her own business for almost 5 years and continues to inspire and motivate business owners all around the area as she helps them portray their own businesses in the most polished ways.

After Jennifer graduated with her M.S. in May of 2016, she attended the Create Campaign the next month where she met Christina. Christina connected Jennifer to SCORE, Network Kansas, Fidelity Bank, and even designed the Jenny Dawn Cellars website in addition to graphic design and initial marketing support. Christina truly helped to lay the foundation for Jenny Dawn Cellars as a business.

Pattie Durham, Owner of Moxie Sass and Class Boutique --

Pattie is the passionate owner of the very stylish Moxie Sass and Class Boutique! In the event that you’re ever stumped when it comes to what to wear, Pattie is just the woman to visit. She knows her items like the back of her hand and has the wonderful skill of being able to help any woman find just the right outfit for any occasion. (She’ll even tell you when something is the WRONG outfit altogether!) Pattie is very active in the Wichita community. You can find her and her clothing at many of the local shows and expos, and she’s always willing to point anyone in the right direction if they ever need help. Her store is named after her adorable dog Moxie, which is a very fitting name for both! There is no doubt that when you’re wearing a piece from Moxie that you will experience an increased feeling of empowerment and confidence.

Jennifer loves shopping at Moxie. Pattie and her team does such a great job taking care of their customers, and it never fails that Jennifer finds just the right outfit for work or any other occasion. Plus, shopping is a blast at Moxie!

Trish Brasted, Owner of WTC --

Trish was assigned as Jennifer’s mentor through the LaunchPrep program and has been working with her since March 2017. Trish owns Wichita Technology Corporation and has been a central part of the entrepreneurship ecosystem for over 25 Years. Trish has a wealth of knowledge around accounting, financial projections, business strategy, and investments. She truly cares about the entrepreneurs that she works with but isn't afraid to give constructive criticism and feedback. Trish was the first person to believe in Jennifer’s Urban Winery idea and helped her put a plan in place to launch the inaugural vintage of wine. We owe a lot of our recent success to Trish's guidance, support and feedback.

These five women are just an exceptional sample of what our wonderful city has to offer the outside world. Wichita is riding a powerful amount of momentum and growth these days, but it all starts with individuals who truly have the hearts and souls that are willing to drive change.

Are you wondering how you can follow your own passions and make your dreams a reality? Have a discussion with one of these five women. We guarantee that you will leave the conversation with newfound motivation and a sense of empowerment. It all starts with a willingness to be inspired and to in turn pass along that inspiration to those who follow in our footsteps. Happy National Women’s Month!

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