Current Wine Portfolio

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Our 2017 Cabernet Sauvignon displays aromatics and flavors of black cherry, pomegranate, currant, black pepper, plum and blackberry. The wine is also complemented by dark chocolate and tobacco leaf with a deep ruby red color. Rounding out the nose are aromas of black olives and dried thyme. Bold and assertive this wine has complexity and depth with a purity of fruit and subtle layers of flavors and texture that harmonize and enhance. In the vineyard, these cab grapes were machine harvested, then in the winery all of the juice was fermented in stainless steel. Then, 85% of the wine was aged in neutral French oak while 15% of the wine was aged in new French oak.

Our 2018 Chardonnay is bright, fresh and acidic with a straw yellow color. It’s dominated by green apple, pear and zesty citrus notes. The palate is smooth, nicely textured with a lively finish. In the vineyard, this Chardonnay was handpicked as it reached the peak of ripeness and brought to the winery for gentle pressing. The juice was fermented on 100% neutral French oak. After primary fermentation was complete, we allowed the young wine to continue to age in contact with the yeast lees stirring every few weeks. During aging, a quarter of the wine then underwent a secondary malolactic fermentation to soften the natural acidity and add complexity.

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Our 2017 Pinot Noir is expressive on the palate with flavors of cranberry, cherry and raspberries with a lush red color. It’s plush with fruit but also has an earthy undertone that brings exceptional balance to the wine. The palate shows deeply layered fruit and fine tannins. In the vineyard, this Pinot Noir was handpicked and in the winery whole cluster pressed. The juice, skins, must and seeds went through native fermentation in stainless steel, undergoing three delicate punch-downs a day. After primary fermentation was complete, it was transferred to neutral French oak for aging.

Our 2017 Sweet Red Wine  is comprised of intense aromatics of sweet black cherry, violet and black current. The palate shows notes of black currant and smooth, dark berry flavors balanced by light acidity and refined tannins. The result is an elegant, medium-body sweet wine style with notes of dark fruit balanced with oak and a velvety smooth finish. In the vineyard, the Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah grapes were hand-picked, then in the winery all of the juice was fermented in stainless steel and lastly aged in neutral French oak.


Our 2015 Riesling has pronounced flavors of apricot, honeysuckle, nectarine and spiced pears with acidity in perfect balance. The wine is golden yellow in color with a light to medium body with fair amounts of sweetness but not overpowering. The cool climate of Lake County, North Coast was perfect for the grapes to have a long ripening on the vine necessary to produce a botrytis rot. In the vineyard, the Riesling grapes dimpled and became high in sugar. In the winery, the grapes were basket pressed with a lot of pressure and fermented in stainless steel. This wine is the perfect match for delicate desserts, including almond cookies, crème brulée and poached pears.

The Jenny Dawn Cellars Rosé Wine is made from watermelons grown in Kansas. This wine is a beautiful pink color, it is sweet, fruity, and slightly tart. It has aromas and flavors of honeydew, cantaloupe, watermelon, dandelion, and green grass. Our Rosé Wine is sweet goodness in a glass. This wine pairs well with any dessert such as cheesecake and chocolate truffles.

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The Jenny Dawn Cellars Union Station wine is made from Kansas Chardonnay grapes. It is dry, crisp, light bodied, straw or pale yellow in color, with aromas and flavors of lime peel, Asian pear, citrus blossom, and limestone. The Union Station wine will pair well with light cheeses and white fish.

Jenny Dawn Cellars is inspired by the significance of rail transportation the Union Station provided to the Wichita community. The terminal building had its magnificent grand opening in 1914 and the elegance of the art nouveau architecture is timeless. Over a hundred years of moments were created within this space. We invite you to our winery at Union Station to be a part of future moments with us.

The Jenny Dawn Cellars Wichita Passion Wine is a semi-sweet, light bodied red wine. It is full of cherry and blackberry notes and flavors with a tart entry yet a smooth finish. 

Our passion extends far beyond wine, but it’s where the vine starts. Sourcing and growing our grapes locally in Kansas to make our wines is important to Jenny Dawn Cellars. As the first urban winery in ICT, we are proud to have the Wichita flag, a symbol of happiness, home, and the path of freedom to come and go as one pleases displayed on this bottle. Wichita Passion, a sweet red wine, is your ticket to happiness, no matter if you enjoy it at home, at Jenny Dawn Cellars, or anywhere in Wichita. 


The Jenny Dawn Cellars Wichita Moments wine is a semi-sweet, light bodied, crisp white wine that has a strong resemblance to Moscato. It has flavors of green apple and pear with floral notes. 


A moment may last for a few seconds, but the memory can stay with you forever. Whether it’s a kiss goodbye on a train platform or the revelation of an idea that has long evaded you, moments are ready to be experienced all around if only you seek them out. Wichita Moment, a sweet white wine, is that idea from Jenny Dawn Cellars at Union Station, a place where your moments are minutes away. Bringing the winemaking experience from a rural setting into the urban core of downtown Wichita, it is your reprieve from the business of busy-ness, and your time to bloom. 

Jenny Dawn Cellars is the first urban winery located in Wichita, KS at the historic Union Station building. The winery was founded by Jennifer McDonald, the first African American Winemaker in the State of Kansas, in September of 2016. The winery first got its start through a partnership with a wine production facility located in Napa, CA. The company produced six wines through this partnership which can be purchased online and at a dozen different local wine retailers. The winery at Union Station is a full-production facility, offering eleven different wines, a tasting room, retail outlet, and event venue open seven days a week.  Jenny Dawn Cellars offers wine locker memberships, a wine club, a wineucation podcast, food and wine pairing classes and much more. 

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The Jenny Dawn Cellars Black Locomotive wine is made from Kansas Crimson Cabernet grapes. Crimson Cabernet is a hybrid. It combines the grapes of Cabernet Sauvignon and Norton. This wine is ruby red almost purple in color, dry, medium bodied, robust, has lush fruits of black cherry, elderberry with delicate fig, basil, and cedar spices. Our Black Locomotive pairs well with any lean pork, steak, and veggies as well as hamburgers.​

The roar of the train bellowed through the streets of Wichita, announcing the coming and going of the latest passengers aboard the Lone Star, the train that ran through Wichita from 1948 until 1979. Rain or shine, the train rolled through Union Station bringing new faces ready to experience all that Wichita had to offer. Over 40 years later, Jenny Dawn Cellars is excited to introduce Black Locomotive, a dry red wine certain to leave anyone who tries it longing to be only a train ride away from our wine cellar, hoping for another glass. 

The Jenny Dawn Cellars Red Caboose is made by using the saignée method from Kansas Crimson Cabernet grapes. This wine is light red in color, it is dry, delicate, slightly fruity, and savory. It has aromas and flavors of cranberry, banana, roses, and lilies. Our Rosé Wine can be enjoyed on its own and it is perfect for patio sipping. This wine also pairs well with appetizers, dried fruit, cured meats, and artisanal cheeses.​

Long after friends and family waved goodbye to loved ones aboard the trains coming in and out of Union Station in Wichita came the caboose, an almost forgotten box at the end of a long string of railcars. Thanks to advancements in technology, railroads have created equipment to render the caboose a relic of the past, but there is one thing that technology can never invent a replacement for. A great glass of wine. Jenny Dawn Cellars’ Red Caboose, a dry rosé, is that great wine that will never be forgotten.